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Join Monterey Firefighters in supporting the relief effort for fire victims of the recent Northern and Southern California fire storms.

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Join us for our next Movie in the Park! Disney's 'Coco' will be on the big screen at Casanova Oak Knoll Park on August 3rd. Festivities begin around 6pm to include: popcorn, cotton candy, games, face paintings, fire engines and more! Movie will begin around 8pm as the sun goes down. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating the end of summer break!

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A letter from Local3707 president to Pacific Grove residents regarding the contract with Monterey Fire Department. Monterey Firefighters have happily served the City of Pacific Grove for nearly ten years and hope to continue to provide our service!

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Join us for our first Movie in the Park event of the summer! We look forward to seeing you all there!

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Congratulations to our two newest recruits who, on 5/11/2018, received their firefighter badges at a ceremony in City Hall. Probationary Firefighters Tyler Keisling (left) and Oliva Mendoza (right) came to us from the Prevention Office of the Fire Department as lateral employees. During the previous 12 weeks, Keisling and Mendoza have been put through an intensive academy of basic firefighting skills, coordinated by Training Officer Captain Jason Smith (center). For the next 9 months these probationary firefighters will be tasked with demonstrating all of their knowledge, skills, and abilities to the on duty crews through presentations and demonstrations called "mini drills". They will be evaluated on every aspect of the drill and must pass monthly tests with their assigned Division Chief and Captain. Aside from these drills, probationary firefighters are responsible for all station and tool maintenance and are always the first to wake up and the last to go to bed.
Join us in congratulating Probationary Firefighters Keisling and Mendoza as they begin the next step in their careers as firefighters.

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While the warmer winter weather is a pleasant surprise, it means your Monterey Firefighters remain on high alert for extended wildland fire incidents. During the "off season", your firefighters attend classes all across the state to increase their knowledge of all things wildfire. Our primary engines used for statewide wildland response, engine 313 and OES engine 327, get some much needed mechanical attention, while our firefighters take time to organize gear, and prepare for the upcoming annual refresher training. This wildland refresher training, known as RT-130, is mandated by the state and includes everything from physically pulling hundreds of feet of hose up a hill, to reviewing past "burn over" situations to learn from them. Over the next few months, you may see your Monterey Firefighters driving around in our Type 3 off road fire engine as we prepare and train for the inevitable challenging fire season.

(Pictured above, Engine 313 assists with a midnight burn operation on the Pier Fire in September of 2017).

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Congratulations to our 8 newest recruits.

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One of the ways we stay sharp on the various skills of the job is constant training. Recently, several members of your own Monterey Firefighters who have experience in welding and metal fabrication, designed and brought to reality this training center. With this training aid, companies can practice ventilation (commercial and residential), search and rescue, hose movement, hose management, firefighter down drills, entrapment drills, and much more. This project represents thousands of hours by department members, all while still running calls and completing the normal daily tasks. The training center is located at fire station 16 at the Monterey Airport.

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Special thank you to Montrio's Bistro @montriobistro for allowing Local 3707 to hold our union meeting in the Parker Room, named after the city's first Fire Chief. The Montrio's building was Monterey Fire Department's first fire station in 1910.

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Welcome to the Monterey Firefighters Association Local 3707 website. The Monterey Firefighters Association is the official collective bargaining and labor representation organization for the professional men and women of the Monterey Fire Department. We serve the Communities of Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey Airport, Sand City, Defense Language Institute (DLI), La Mesa, and the Naval Post Graduate School (NPS). We are proud members of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) and the California Professional Firefighters (CPF).

Monterey Firefighters provide fire protection, emergency medical services, response to hazardous material incidents, response to water rescues, and response to technical rescue (Urban Search & Rescue). Monterey Fire Department also responds to our neighboring cities of Seaside, Del Rey Oaks, and Pebble Beach with Automatic Aid Agreements for structure fire response.

The Monterey Fire Department is currently 6 Stations and responds to approximately 8,000 calls per year.

Thank You for visiting Montereyfirefighters.org

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