Monterey Firefighters IAFF Local 3707

Warm Weather and the Upcoming Fire Seasons

While the warmer winter weather is a pleasant surprise, it means your Monterey Firefighters remain on high alert for extended wildland fire incidents. During the "off season", your firefighters attend classes all across the state to increase their knowledge of all things wildfire. Our primary engines used for statewide wildland response, engine 313 and OES engine 327, get some much needed mechanical attention, while our firefighters take time to organize gear, and prepare for the upcoming annual refresher training. This wildland refresher training, known as RT-130, is mandated by the state and includes everything from physically pulling hundreds of feet of hose up a hill, to reviewing past "burn over" situations to learn from them. Over the next few months, you may see your Monterey Firefighters driving around in our Type 3 off road fire engine as we prepare and train for the inevitable challenging fire season. (Pictured above, Engine 313 assists with a midnight burn operation on the Pier Fire in September of 2017).

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