Monterey Firefighters IAFF Local 3707

2018-1 Recruit Badge Pinning

Congratulations to our two newest recruits who, on 5/11/2018, received their firefighter badges at a ceremony in City Hall. Probationary Firefighters Tyler Keisling (left) and Oliva Mendoza (right) came to us from the Prevention Office of the Fire Department as lateral employees. During the previous 12 weeks, Keisling and Mendoza have been put through an intensive academy of basic firefighting skills, coordinated by Training Officer Captain Jason Smith (center). For the next 9 months these probationary firefighters will be tasked with demonstrating all of their knowledge, skills, and abilities to the on duty crews through presentations and demonstrations called "mini drills". They will be evaluated on every aspect of the drill and must pass monthly tests with their assigned Division Chief and Captain. Aside from these drills, probationary firefighters are responsible for all station and tool maintenance and are always the first to wake up and the last to go to bed. Join us in congratulating Probationary Firefighters Keisling and Mendoza as they begin the next step in their careers as firefighters.

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